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Hey, I’m Andrew Barsa. I’m a business coach, wealth psychologist, speaker and author living in Sydney.


Andrew Barsa has coached well over 100,000 individuals worldwide and has been responsible for generating more than 100 million dollars in sales in a four year period. Andrew has been invited to speak along side Sir Richard Branson, James Caan from Uk Dragons Den, Randi Zukerberg of Facebook, Steve Wozniak co founder of Apple and many more on the psychology of human behaviour, sales, wealth and success.

Andrew empowers business owners and corporates by offering them the effective strategies on leadership, purpose, and engaging employees to perform at optimum state, resulting in a 30 to 500% growth in profits within months.

Over the years, he has associated with some of the richest and the most challenged people in the world. His biggest question was, “Why do some people become wealthy, and others do not?”. Andrew quickly eliminated the usual reasons that most people give: family, background, connections, skill set, education and so on. None of these factors actually made a difference.


“Knowledge will give you education but success is the program of the mind”

- Andrew Barsa


Andrew met educated and gifted people who are barely making ends meet and at the same time he was baffled how uneducated and unfortunate became highly successful.

After a while, Andrew began to realise: most people actually have the amount of money they truly believe they are worth. “What it boils down to is this” he says.” Poverty is actually a state of mind. It’s the sum total of all the little stories we tell ourselves”. When he realised this, he began to listen to what people were saying about money and about their relationship to it.

Andrew believes “we all have an inner gift” Born in Sydney to immigrant parents, life was tough for Andrew and his family. His formative memories were of a constant financial battle as his parents struggled to provide for their family.


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